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    • CommentAuthorgogogob
    • CommentTimeFeb 6th 2012
    I've been using Aptana Studio Community Edition for years, without problems.
    Now, While I have been working on a long (49Kb), principally editorial site, it has gone completely flakey.
    It has been chewing up half my processor resources, and crashing.
    I've tried all the obvious fixes.
    How can we know the causes, Aptana certainly has some elementary problems such as no word wrap?
    I suspect a project grown too complex, and nobody around to handle the problems from the root.

    My request - What free alternatives are available for Aptana...
    All my work is hand-coded, I need a good coding environment with the usual features... file management, code colouring, mistake flagging, browser preview, script and css coding support -- just good basics.

    I would appreciate your suggestions.

    By the way... I have received an enormous amount of traffic from CSS Beauty for my antique, then-cutting edge website... . That is hand coding!!

    Old school ... John McAllister ... gogogob ... grow old disgracefully.
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